What makes T Prestige a powerful confectionery manufacturer:

  • Over 500 items of finished confectionery products
  • Over 100 ingredients for baking and confectionery industries, b2b group
  • 50 production departments 10 000 sq.m.
  • Warehouses over 3000 sq.m.
  • Our own sales networks in Ukraine shipments anywhere in Ukraine and for export

About us

The largest enterprise

Confectioner T Prestige is one of the largest confectionery factories in Ukraine located in Kharkiv, the second-largest and -most important city after Kyiv.

Our production facility boasts modern equipment from European manufacturers.

We have only highly-skilled personnel working on all production sites of T Prestige factory.

One of the main production principles of our company is that every consumer must find something to their taste among T Prestige products.

Advanced technologies

T Prestige specialists continuously monitor technological innovations in global confectionery production

Implementing and widely using advanced technologies
  • But in addition to new technologies, we also use traditional recipes for homemade pastries.
  • Traditional recipes from leading cuisines of the world
  • T Prestige recipes combine the best confection making traditions of leading cuisines of the world.

Exporting over 100 items of our confectionery products

T Prestige exports over 100 items of its confectionery products

Some of the top exported product items include:
  • Candies with confectionery and chocolate icing
  • Zefir, with fillings and icing
  • Custard pryaniks made according to a unique technology
  • Grillage and tallers made from natural ingredients only
  • Butter and layered cookies
  • Waffles

T Prestige has an own sales network

Year after year, T Prestige increases and upgrades its production capabilities while continuously increasing the range of its products by 5-7 items every month on average.

T Prestige products are widely sold
  • At supermarkets, as well as at specialized stores
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • T Prestige cares not only about the quantity of products we offer but also, first and foremost, about their quality, giving the priority importance to comfortable conditions of doing business with us

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Exclusive patented technologies

Own production of ingredients for confectionery products (industry)

T Prestige is proud to have many original exclusive innovations
  • Fruit fillings and special pryanik and grillage recipes
  • All exclusive T Prestige technologies are protected by patents

Quality compliant with international standards

While increasing its production output, T Prestige simultaneously improves the product quality, striving to make all its products fully uncontaminated and natural.

The share of natural ingredients in T Prestige products is conformant with international standards
  • ISO 22000:2005 IDT certificate
  • Own quality control laboratory
  • Our specialists analyze the quality of ingredients and control product quality at all stages of production process; finished products are also checked for the conformity of their quality with legislatively-established standards and norms

International and domestic contests and trade fairs

Our company participated in many tasting contests, including World Food Ukraine

T Prestige is an active participant of domestic and international trade fairs, such as
  • Bread Confectioner Expo
  • Sweet and Bakery Ukraine
  • World Food Warsaw

Product awards

T Prestige is the recipient of numerous prizes and diplomas awarded at annual specialized trade fairs; in addition, more than 50 of our product items received diplomas and awards

At all fairs T Prestige products always excite interest and are highly praised


Besides production and commercial activities, T Prestige continuously participates in various charitable campaigns

The company’s CEO has received many letters of gratitude and diplomas for our charitable activities
  • T Prestige is constantly growing, and has selected active expansion of international operations as a new area of the company’s development

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