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Welcome to T Prestige confectionery factory creating the tastiest sweets and chocolate confections! The program of your tour features interesting events, and your price includes tasting of the sweets we make, a master class and a sweet gift for every visitor.


About tour

Want to take a peek behind the curtain?

You will learn many interesting facts about the history of our factory! And also, you’ll see for yourself how your favorite desserts and sweets are born

Is it easy to visit you?

Yep! Tours are held for groups of 15 to 60 persons. The presence of one accompanying guide for every fifteen persons is required (free of charge). We are always glad to see you!

All right, we want it! How to get ready?

Sterility is the law at our factory! Therefore, we provide special sanitary clothes, and you make sure to wear comfortable shoes and gather your hair. Be careful and neat, and listen attentively to your guide!

Can I taste things?

Of course you can, and you definitely must! During the tour, you can taste your favorite desserts and sweets, but that’s far from being all! We have something to surprise you with!

What’s the minimum age?

We noticed that kids from the 2nd to 8th grade take the biggest interest in our tour.

How long does it take?

We will travel the world of confectionery production for 60-90 minutes.
Tours are held on weekdays at 10:00, 12:30 and 15:00. Advance reservation required.


Tour program

  • Production secrets You will visit the confectionery department and learn about how the factory was created and what equipment is required for your favorite sweets to always be on your table. You will see all production lines and receive a rare opportunity to watch the entire confection production process in all details.

  • Master class During your visit, you will see how we make zefir and pryaniks, and learn the secrets of how various fillings get inside the candy.
    And at one of our master classes, you will make confections yourself using special confectionery implements.

  • Tasting Visiting a confectionery factory and not tasting yummies? That’s definitely not about us!
    There will be tasting, of course: all visitors will receive sweet treats (sweets and kompot), and at the end of the tour, get another sweet surprise: a gift set of sweets produced by our factory.

How to get there

How to get on a tour?

To book the date and time of a tour of Confectioner T Prestige factory in Kharkiv, call us: 099 525 23 32 or complete the feedback form below.

The tour price is not fixed: we calculate the price for every group on an individual basis! When making a reservation, please don’t forget to state the number of visitors, their age (grade, school number and address), and the desired date and time – having this information, our representative will advise you on the price of your tour.

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