About us

Confectioner T Prestige

  • Founded over 20 years ago, Confectioner T Prestige is one of the fastest-growing confectionery businesses today.
  • We use both the most advanced technologies in manufacture of confections and traditional recipes of making homemade pastries.
  • Our recipes combine the best traditions of confection making from the world’s leading cuisines.
  • Our products are made on the most advanced equipment manufactured in Italy, Germany, France and Ukraine.
  • We offer the continuously growing range of confectionery products featuring over 500 items made from unleavened pastry dough, cupcakes, muffins, pryaniks, cookies, cakes, pâtisseries, zefir and various chocolate candies.
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Our advantages

Own production facility

One of Confectioner T Prestige’s substantial achievements was the purchase of an own production facility, which allowed us to modernize manufacturing processes and substantially increase production output.

Own laboratory

Our laboratory continuously checks the quality of ingredients used in production processes and the conformity of our confectionery products with legislatively-established standards and norms.

Numerous awards

Our company is the recipient of numerous prizes and diplomas awarded at annual specialized trade fairs; in addition, more than 50 of our product items received diplomas and awards.

High qualification

Our company takes efforts to continuously improve qualification of our personnel, organizing various seminars and trainings for lead specialists aimed to improve taste qualities of our products.


Our awards