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Muffins in bulk

Muffins are popular American dessert that is known all over the world today. The classic muffin is a type of stuffed cake that fits perfectly in the adult palm. Such a cupcake is suitable not only for tea, but also as an independent snack. A box of muffins will be a great gift for loved ones, colleagues or business partners. The “Confectioner T-Prestige” trademark offers muffins in bulk in Kharkov, which can be ordered online.

Classic muffins from manufacturer Wholesale

Although muffins remind cupcakes, their ingredients content and appearance are slightly different from their classic predecessors. The size of a traditional muffin is two or three times larger than that of a cupcake, so that a person can easily have a snack with just one dessert. The muffins weren’t always sweet. Initially, they were a type of bread; perhaps this explains their larger size.

Also, the muffins are always with a filling. If the cupcake can be ordinary or with raisins, then in the muffin you can find condensed milk, nuts, chocolate, jam, fruits and other fillings. Thanks to the sweet fillings, muffins are so adored by children.

An important feature of muffins is their nutritional value. It is explained by the rich dough from which this type of baked goods is made. Carbohydrates in muffins provide fast energy, which is necessary for solving complex tasks, while proteins and fats keep you not hungry for a long time. Therefore, muffins are great snacks at school, university or work.

From TM “Confectioner T-Prestige” you can buy classic, fruit, chocolate, cottage cheese and other muffins in bulk at a favorable price.

Muffins assortment

The popularity of the American dessert is growing every day, and therefore customers more often buy it. The “Confectioner T-Prestige” trademark offers a large assortment of cupcakes that will be appreciated not only by children, but also by adults. In the catalog you will find:

  • classic muffins with filling to every taste;
  • cottage cheese cupcakes and muffins with raisins;
  • owl and bear shaped cupcakes;
  • chocolate muffins;
  • individually packed muffins.

Our company offers products for sale by weight, as well as individually packaged ones for sale at any grocery outlets.

Muffins wholesale in Ukraine

The fine taste, appetizing appearance and excellent nutritional value make muffins an excellent dessert option for children and adults. Muffins go well with coffee and tea, children can eat them with milk, which is not only tasty, but also healthy.

On our website you can find the assortment of “Confectioner T-Prestige” cupcakes and muffins and order them in bulk for sale in retail stores. We guarantee reasonable prices, a wide assortment and, most importantly, the perfect quality of our confectionery, created with love and care for customers.