Waffles wholesale

Crispy wafers with filling are familiar treats from our childhood that do not lose their popularity. Today there is a huge variety of wafer products such as rolls, pillows, sticks and even dry snacks. The “Confectioner T-Prestige” trademark offers wafers in bulk in Kharkov in a wide range and at the best prices.

Variety of wafers from TM “Confectioner T-Prestige”

In the catalog of the confectionery factory “Confectioner T-Prestige” you will find a large assortment of exclusive wafer products made according to the modern recipes. Here you will find not only proven classics – the range includes delicate sweets with exclusive flavor mixes. You can order such wafers in bulk from the manufacturer:

  • Wafer rolls with chocolate, cream and fruit fillings;
  • Mini-wafers «Fishki» with chocolate;
  • Dry snacks in the shape of pillows with different fillings;
  • Wafer rolls in coconut flakes;
  • Flat rolls with fillings;
  • Dry snacks in the shape of rings, covered with sugar powder.

New items regularly appear in the catalog and you can update the assortment of your own store. If you are interested in wholesale purchases or sale of wafers for export, then products from “Confectioner T-Prestige” will be the best choice due to the long shelf life.

Wafers Wholesale: features and benefits

Classic wafers are layers of thin dry cookies pasted with sweet filling. And it is the interlayer that gives the wafers the taste that one adores so much. Thanks to modern technologies, wafers can not only be baked and sandwiched, but also pre-curled, flattened or shaped from the dough into various figures, for example, pillows or rings. This allows you to significantly expand the range and offer customers completely new tastes.

The benefits of our products:

  • Compliance with international quality standards;
  • Variety of items and names;
  • Bright and rich taste of products;
  • Perfect appearance of products;
  • Attractive packaging.

Wafers from “Confectioner T-Prestige” are delicate desserts created for the most fastidious consumers. If you are looking for where to buy wafers in bulk, then on our website you will find a large assortment of exclusive sweets from the manufacturer.

Buy wafer wholesale in Ukraine

For many people, wafers are their favorite confectionery. The mix of the finest unsweetened crunchy dough and soft sweet filling creates a unique texture and taste familiar from childhood. Wafers are ideal for tea and coffee, milk or any other drink. Don’t forget the high nutritional value of wafers, which makes them a great snack.

In the online store “Confectioner T-Prestige”, you can buy wafers in bulk in any quantity at low prices. We offer favorable terms of cooperation and guarantee high quality of products created for real gourmets.