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Puffs in bulk

Puffs covered with sugar powder are favorite treats for many. Puff pastry has an unusual texture, which makes the products crispy and crumbly, which is loved by adults and children. Crispy puff cookies, delicate cakes and sweet rolls make a great dessert for tea or coffee. On the website of TM “Confectioner T-Prestige” you can buy online puffs in bulk in Kharkov from the manufacturer at reasonable prices.

Puff cookies assortment

Puff pastry products have a complex manufacturing technology, which provides their unique texture, which is so appreciated by everyone. At the confectionery factory “Confectioner T-Prestige” the classical production technology and puff pastry recipe are being used, thanks to which the products acquire the familiar and loved by many taste. For experienced buyers there are new products – puffs with various fillings, for example, fruit jams, chocolate, poppy seeds, raisins. The assortment of puffs from the Confectioner T-Prestige factory includes the following items:

  • Puff cookies «Ushki» classic and with fruit filling;
  • Puff cookies with fruit jams and chocolate;
  • Crispy puff cookies without filling;
  • Syrup puff cookies «Honey patterns»;
  • Poppy seed rolls.

And these are not all the items that you will find in the catalog. All pastries can be ordered in bulk for sale in retail stores.

Features and benefits of products from TM “Confectioner T-Prestige”

In our confectionery factory we adhere to the traditional technology of making puff pastry, which allows us to obtain products of the highest quality. High-quality puffs are always crunchy thanks to the many thin layers of dough that create a multi-layered texture when baked. Therefore, even ordinary cookies without filling are of perfect taste. And if you add sugar powder, raisins or honey, you get a fine dessert. The multi-layering allows the products to be well saturated with filling or syrup. And the sugar powder makes the cookies really melt on the tongue.

The “Confectioner T-Prestige” puffs have many benefits:

  • Intense taste and flavor of fresh baked goods;
  • Variety of fillings;
  • High quality ingredients;
  • Attractive appearance.

If you are looking for where to buy puffs in bulk, then on the website of our company you will find a wide range of confectionery products from the manufacturer.

Buy puff cookies wholesale in Ukraine

Puff pastry products can be served as a dessert for tea or coffee, as well as used for a snack or brunch. Many children love puffs more than other baked goods because they crunch and just melt in mouth.

Puff cookies and pastries are the first to leave the shelves and are therefore a profitable option for retailers. Buy puffs from TM “Confectioner T-Prestige”, it will become a real hit in your store.