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Zephyr – exquisite fruit delicacy, which can be served for tea or given as a present. The feature of dessert is being manufactured from fruit puree that makes it useful and low-calorie. Zephyr in a wide range wholesale in Kharkov is represented in “Confectioner T-Prestige” website.

Zephyr wholesale from manufacturer

Many people remember zephyr as tender, air delicacy with light sourness. Sour-sweet taste is due to apple puree, from which zephyr is made according to classic recipe. Zephyr has French origin: dessert became European version of marshmallow, which was prepared from pressed fruit puree. In case with zephyr puree wasn’t pressed, but beaten up, that’s why it has light melting structure.

Nowadays there is a great variety of this delicacy, and many types may differ from traditional recipe in contents. For example, several varieties of zephyr can have albumen to be airier and weightless.

Company “Confectioner T-Prestige” offers zephyr, manufactured according to traditional and author recipes. You will find not only classic white-pink and in confectionery coating zephyr, but zephyr with different tastes and fillings in a catalogue. One can buy sweets, sold by weight in boxes and also already packed, that will be an optimal variant, if you are interested in sale of zephyr for export.

Features and advantages of TM“Confectioner T-Prestige” zephyr

Zephyr refers to classic sweets, taste of which is familiar from childhood. The confectioners of our company thoroughly choose recipe for delicacy not to differ from usual one but give joy to the most demanded buyers. What other features has “Confectioner T-Prestige” zephyr?

  • tender taste and pleasant flavor;
  • natural contents, in which fruit puree prevails;
  • usage of classical recipe for getting traditional taste;
  • irreproachable appearance and beautiful package.

New recipes of classic dessert are regularly being worked out in our confectionery factory to give joy to clients with interesting news of the beloved delicacy. If you are interested in where to order delicious zephyr in a confectionery coating wholesale and other types of this dessert, then you will find the best choice of qualitative sweets from the manufacturer on “Confectioner T- Prestige” website.

To buy zephyr wholesale in Ukraine

Berry zephyr in a box – an excellent present for women, and zephyr in a confectionery coating – an ideal variant for serving to tea or coffee. Refined delicacy is liked by children and adults, especially if dessert is produced according to original technology with keeping classic taste.

It is possible to buy zephyr in boxes and packages for export wholesale in “Confectioner T-Prestige” internet shop. Full taste, irreproachable appearance, competitive price – the most demanding tasters will like our desserts.