Wholesale cookies

Cookie stepped over from the cooked for a special event holiday delicacy into a category of everyday companions long time ago. It accompanies consumers in offices and class rooms. And it is surely put for guests on a table as an addition to a cup of coffee or tea. Ukrainians eat this type of confectionery products for breakfast, as a finishing dinner dessert and evenings, seeing off the going out day pleasantly and deliciously.

Various cookies wholesale from manufacturer

Oriented for consumer demand confectioners filled the market with dozens and hundreds of varieties of popular delicacy long ago. But the products of company “Confectioner T-Prestige” won’t get lost even in the places, where customers’ eyes are scattered from abundance. They are marked out with unequalled tasteful qualities and originality of a form.

The rigid control at manufacture and the full conformance of the products to international norms and demands allow dispatching cookies of company “Confectioner T-Prestige” wholesale for export to different countries. Flexible conditions for business partners make the cooperation mutual.

Packed cookies for all tastes wholesale

The selected ingredients, the recipes, checked by the demands of time and consumers’ preferences, allow buying cookies in individual packages and boxes with weights of about 2 kg. This product is given 4 pages in a catalogue on a site of equipped with European equipment factory. The following items are there:

  • From pastry.
  • The tenderest biscuit combinations.
  • Crispy shortbread enjoyments.
  • Puff, vanilla, honey tasty things.
  • Hard-dough, rye, with raisins, with seed toppings for healthy snack breaks.
  • Cookie, glazed, in boxes wholesale and decorated with coconut flakes, krokant crumbs, chopped peanut, maize balls, sugar powder.
  • With fillings and layers – zephyr, cream, jam, berry-fruit, milk. From khalva, condensed milk, with flavor of chocolate, toffee and even cognac.
  • In a shape of mushrooms, nuts, figures of animals, shells, envelopes and others.

Every customer will find its favorite flavor and want to taste new products, which are regularly added to the assortment line of the factory.

Why it is necessary to make order for cookie wholesale in Kharkov

Adults and children like this product. That’s why retail sale brings constant and considerable profit. The best way of earning – a receipt of goods directly from a manufacturer. There are other reasons for ordering the products of company “Confectioner T-Prestige”, such as:

  • Factory – a reliable partner. An order will be maximally operatively fulfilled, carefully packed and dispatched.
  • The products surely maintain their shelf lives without losses of attractiveness of appearance and tasteful features.
  • At constantly changing demands of market actuality of the products provides competitive advantage. The confectioners of the factory always offer interesting for consumers new products.

That’s why choosing where to buy cookie wholesale in Ukraine, entrepreneurs are looking for interesting for buyers sweets, “delicious” prices. And they stopped at constant cooperation with “Confectioner T-Prestige”.