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Everyone is not indifferent to sweets. Even those who diligently count calories. But in pursuit of a slim figure, you should not deny yourself small, drastically improving mood, brightening up life. Especially when they are manifested in the use of marmalade. It’s delicious and healthy. And its calorie content is less than in other confectionery products.

Wholesale marmalade from manufacturer

A healthy lifestyle is not a hindrance to enjoying the fireworks of fruit freshness. This is well understood and supported in the company that has launched the production of a bright jelly delicacy in the assortment of the Confectioner T-Prestige company. Its excellent taste is highly appreciated by consumers. The following are in constant high demand:

  • Irida marmalade sweets, where lemon jelly interspersed with natural candied fruits is combined with a delicate vanilla souffle.
  • Assortment in ackaging – a real kaleidoscope of colors and flavors of citrus, green apples, cherries. The original shapes of a crescent moon, butterfly, flower turn it into a popular children’s product.

The design, which arouses increased interest of buyers, is already a sufficient incentive to buy wholesale marmalade. High-quality products made on European equipment are sold out instantly. Progressive technologies, strict control of all production stages ensure the company’s products a worthy place in the Ukrainian market.

It is prestigious to become a business partner of the factory. It is profitable to develop your business with the support of the flexible pricing policy of the “Confectioner T-Prestige” company and the regular appearance of delicious new products. In addition, ordering bulk marmalade made with love in bulk means acquiring regular customers who will come for their favorite delicacy.

The main reasons to buy marmalade wholesale in Ukraine

Low in calories and refreshing fruit flavors, it will provide consumers with great benefits:

  • Providing them with energy for training and daily activities.
  • Cleansing the body from substances that enter it due to unfavorable ecology.
  • Increasing resistance to infections.
  • Strengthening bones, making joints flexible.

All this is the merit of gelatin, agar-agar, pectin thickeners in the product. Therefore, by ordering marmalade wholesale in Kharkov, you can offer it to your customers with a clear conscience. And there is no doubt that people will receive sweets without harmful additives, equal to homemade preserves and jams. Quality assurance for each batch of product – wholesale from the manufacturer.

Indeed, for the “Confectioner T-Prestige” company it means aintaining the traditions that have developed in 20 years of activity. This is the main goal in life, carried through the decades. Carefully kept old recipes, new developments, so that the wholesale of marmalade meets all the expectations of a sweet tooth. Therefore, each candy of the factory brings exquisite delight.