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Confectionery (sweets) wholesale

Confectionery products wholesale

Not only children but most of adults like candies, cakes and cookies. But taste is getting more demanding with aging, and that’s why delicate desserts are required instead of ordinary candies. Trade mark “Confectioner T-Prestige” offers exclusive confectionery products wholesale in Kharkov, which suit not only for regular tea-party, but will become an excellent gift for friends, relatives and business partners.

Assortment of TM “Confectioner T-Prestige”sweets

It is not a secret, that confectionery products are considered the most required goods, in spite of not being an essential product. The secret is special children and adults’ love of the sweets, which don’t only raise spirits, but increase the level of happy hormones in blood.

Confectionery factory “Confectioner T-Prestige” offers exclusive sweets and desserts, created according to the modern and traditional recipes, which satisfy the taste of the most demanding gourmets.
You will find more than 500 designations of desserts of different recipes, such as: exclusive cakes, muffins and cupcakes, cookies and gingerbreads, zephyr and krokants, candies and many others among the assortment of the confectionery products wholesale from a manufacturer.

You can buy the confectionery products wholesale from TM “Confectioner T-Prestige” in boxes for sale and packed for dispatch for export. Regular new products in our catalogue allow you to renew systematically the assortment of own trade mark to maintain buyers’ interest at a high level.

Features of “Confectioner T-Prestige” products

Own manufacture and usage of modern technologies allow not only producing already proven goods regularly, but also experimentalising with tastes and recipes. The real hits, adored by children and adults, appear due to creative approach. One can order the sweets wholesale, which will be liked by your clients for sure.

Advantages of our products:

  • irreproachable taste and appearance;
  • usage of high quality products at production;
  • maintenance of traditional recipe and author working outs;
  • regular renewal of the assortment;
  • full conformance to international quality standards;
  • stylish package of the packed products.

Desserts from TM “Confectioner T-Prestige” – an excellent variant for friendly tea-party, laying of “candy table” at school or holiday cocktail party.

If you are interested in children sweets wholesale or confectionery products for export, then you will find the best offers in our company.

To order confectionery products wholesale in Ukraine

Sweets refer to the goods, which will be always in demand. If you are interested in the confectionery wholesale in Kharkov, then there is a wide choice of the confectionery products on our website. You will find the products according to traditional recipes, lean and low-calorie desserts, sweets for children and many others at our catalogue and will be able to order at competitive prices in TM “Confectioner T-Prestige” internet shop.