Cakes and pastries

Weddings, family and holiday feasts always end with cake cutting. The delicious taste of this creamy masterpiece, melting in your mouth, remains in the memory of the little birthday celebrants blowing out candles for life. And it is invariably associated with the most pleasant and solemn moments.

Wholesale cakes from manufacturer for shops

Cooking a festive treat is a rather laborious process. Many people prefer to order or choose the most popular pastries in the sweets shops. Cakes and pastries are willingly bought by those who prefer not to go on a visit empty-handed, but to take a small dessert with them as a gift. Therefore, a stable demand for the products of the Confectioner T-Prestige company is always ensured.

Before the holidays, it increases several times. But the confectioners of the factory invariably strive to delight consumers with home-style delicious and stylishly decorated cakes. Carefully preserved traditions together with modern technologies turn each product into a dessert masterpiece. The variety of recipes is equally impressive.

The catalog of products of the factory for those who want to buy wholesale cakes are:

  • Rolls with cream.
  • Biscuit cakes, layered with creamy, sour cream and other creams with condensed milk, chocolate, nuts, dried fruits.
  • Hone cakes, classic napoleons, sour cream cakes.

Benefits of wholesale cakes in Kharkov

The Confectioner T-Prestige company can rightfully be proud of the quality of its products. Time-tested recipes and suppliers of essential products in the production provide sweet baked goods with a unique healthy composition.

Although without preservatives, the storage of sweets with cream is limited to 7 days, they are supplied to customers in small packages of 1.5 kg. This avoids implementation problems. And their excellent taste ensures consumer success.

Wholesale cakes are sold even faster. They find their customers almost immediately after delivery and provide stable profits to the factory partners. After all, a cake is a miniature cake. And the affordable price allows you to enjoy it every day, choosing it in cafeterias along with a cup of your favorite drink.

It is profitable to buy cakes in bulk in Ukraine

The modern equipment of the confectionery factory provides any volume of production of products with cream at the same high level of quality. It is always beneficial to cooperate with a manufacturer offering wholesale of cakes with such a wide assortment line. The site of the “Confectioner T-Prestige” company presents a choice of:

  • Curd and fruit cheesecakes.
  • Air meringues.
  • Custard eclairs.
  • Chocolate coated cream puffs.
  • Crumb, biscuit, truffle, honey cakes.

The entire team of the confectionery factory strives to ensure that each product decorates the lives of consumers with joy and love, makes their days sweet and tasty.